Shivanand Yoga

Shivanand yoga is a place where you will find well trained and experienced yoga trainers.

Natural healing is the best way for improving health. Thats why after a surgery the doctor advises you to move your body. Post surgery rest is advised but little exercises and rotation of joints is healthy so that the limbs do not get stiff. Once recovered it is best to find a good yoga class and take the bliss in meditation, breathing ideas and yoga asana.

Yoga practicing makes you an yogi who is able to live in this material world, enjoy all the pleasures and exercise self control. Self motivation is necessary and a good guide can bring about drastic changes in your personality. India is a land of naturopathy and yoga. Yoga Lifestyle Programs are designed to help you lead a healthier more fulfilled lifestyle that supports your yoga practice. Each lifestyle program is customized to meet you where you are in your nutritional, physical, yoga and personal goals.


Taking Yoga to all.

We at Shivanand Yoga believe that yoga should reach to all masses. WE believe that Yoga path is a precise & accurate method for developing a greater clarity in helping us "see" & "know our inner-selves.


Yoga For Children
For Young
Personality Development .
Shivanand Yoga Center
For Professional
Relief from Stress and Tension.
Shivanand Yoga Center
For Women
Improvement of all health related issues (body, mental, and spritual)
Yoga For Children
For Children
Body health - height, weight, breathing, digestion, & other issues.
Mental health - concentration, self confidence, memory and imagination power.